Friday, June 17, 2011

No Decisions Day

Last weekend, as I was unpacking and cleaning up Sophie's room, I started to feel a longing for a different type of day. Of course I did. No one likes unpacking. Naturally, I went to my go-to perfect day fantasy - a day where I don't have to do anything. I remembered the pre-baby days when I would lay around and do nothing, stay in my PJ's all day, watch girly movies (provided that the husband was not around) or trashy TV, take naps, eat junk food. Surprisingly, this fantasy wasn't doing it for me. There was something more that I am wanting from a fantasy day. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

I thought about it half the day before I figured out what it is that I REALLY want.

What I really want is a day where I don't have to make a single decision. Not one.

OK, I know I have to make SOME decisions. I will have to decide when to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, stuff like that. But other than that, I want to make 0 decisions. Total. This would require child care, and my husband. He knows me well enough to make all pertinent decisions for the day for me. He can decide what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with any snacks. He would also decide what we do that day. If he decides we stay home and watch Weeds all day, that's cool. If he decides that we go to the mall, that's cool, too. Whatever. He would be responsible for planning the whole day. Whether or not he does it at the last minute is not a concern. I just want someone else to decide.

I think that is what it boils down to is that I am sick and tired of making decisions. I think I have had to make so many big decisions lately, that even the small ones are stressing me out. No Decisions Day is probably a lot to ask. No, it definitely is. But it sure would be nice.

Maybe just a no decisions EVENING. Yes. I can ask for that.


Querida said...

Um, dude, I can totally relate. It's a grown-up version of reverting, or wanting to, to a simpler time when other people did stuff for you the best they knew now. Sigh. Sometimes being a grown-up megasux. But at least we got cute husbands and babies out of it...

Bex said...

I've never thought about it that way...making decisions is what makes a day so daing stressful!! I wish for a No Decisions Day too!!

p.s. I love that you're writing again. :)

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